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ILaiyaraaja-The Concise Dictionary Of Music!

At times it is amazing to note how simple things could be so beautiful.

Crisp, Concise, Short words carry more weight than lengthy, verbose, garrulous statements.

Communication experts would often say KISS.

If your imagination is running wild, let me tell you that KISS is the acronym of Keep It Sweet and Short!

Take ThirukkuraL for example.

It is the embodiment of enlightened wisdom; a literary masterpiece of verses with poetic excellence,brevity and crispness, rhythm and syntax, easy to grasp and remember..

ThiruvaLuvar has covered a wide array of topics including Management Science.

I am giving 3 samples(out of the 1330) below:

1.For efficient management, select a person with appropriate means to tackle the job, and entrust the job to him.

2.Hurry up tasks that demand quick action;delay does not matter on acts that have to proceed cautiously.

3.It is enlightening to impress the listeners with meaningful words, and grasp the essence of wisdom from others .

இதனை இதனால் இவன்முடிக்கும் என்றாய்ந்து
அதனை அவன்கண் விடல்.

தூங்குக தூங்கிச் செயற்பால தூங்கற்க
தூங்காது செய்யும் வினை.

வேட்பத்தாம் சொல்லிப் பிறர்சொல் பயன்கோடல்
மாட்சியின் மாசற்றார் கோள்.

The first one gives the essence of Delegation, the second one is on Task- Orientation (and implementation), and the third one is on Public Speaking and Communication.

Look how beautiful and effective the message is -that too in just a few words..And to think that these were composed 2000 years ago !

ILaiyaraaja , like Thiruvalluvar also conveys a bevy of emotions through his Music.A typical Film Song lasts 4 to 5 minutes but the impact it has on us is something incredible.

Not only is the essence of Music given in a very short period but also that it leaves us bewildered-because of the sheer intensity!

His Music has the power to illuminate and the potency to inspire.

The composition we are going to see today is relatively short but still it showcases the brilliance of the Emperor of music.

In fact, this song was composed after the sequence was picurised.

It is ‘PaLlikkoodam Pogaamale’ from 'Kadalora KavithaigaL'.

The composition is based on Sankharabharanam, a Raga that has been already been discussed.

Just to recap, Shankarabharanam is a Universal Ragam .Old Tamizh Music Texts refer to this Ragam as Pazham Panchuram, it is called as Bilaval in Hindustani Music and the notes of this Ragam form the Major Scale in Western Music.

In the Carnatic System, it is the 29th Melakartha and lot of popular Ragams are derived from this.

The structure is-sa ri2 ga3 ma1 pa dha2 ni3 Sa/Sa ni3 dha2 pa ma1 ga3 ri2 sa.

Let us now look at the composition.

But before that the Sequence...

The main character in the Film(also called as the Hero) wants to become a literate and requests the School Teacher to teach him.She refuses and he stands one –legged (a kind of a penance!) on a high wall and would not get down until his request is met.

The opening of the song itself is like a cadence.It is like the tone of a Mantra to portray the penance. We get to hear Raja’s voice in two octaves simultaneously, one superimposed on the other.

A classic example of how technology can be put to use at the right time and the right place!

It also shows us the humour in the situation and at the same time it depicts the steely resolve of the character .

The Strings and the Chorus voices sound as though they are pleading to the Heroine to be considerate!

The wonderful Chatushram(4) beats follow smugly.

The Pallavi follows and as we involuntarily vibrate to the beats, the auditory waves and the unabashed rendering(again to indicate the character) sound Majestic.

The Interlude has the aesthetically melodious chorus voice coaxing us to empathise with the ‘Good Boy’ who was once a rogue!

The short and beautiful charanam weaves magic and is peppered with lovely touches.

There is one more highlight.

As mentioned earlier, this sequence was shot first.

Director Bharathiraja once remarked that he was left speechless after watching it on screen because it is ‘Dass Dass’ when the Hero appears and ‘Pass Pass’ when the teacher(heroine) appears!

Such is the Maestro’s sense of Timing!

We do not have to go to Music School.We do not have to study Music lessons.
We just have to listen to such great Music....We can understand Music better!

இசைப் பள்ளிக்கூடம் போக வேண்டாம்;இசைப் பாடங்களைக் கேட்க வேண்டாம்.
இது போன்ற ராஜ இசையைக் கேட்டாலே போதும்! நமக்கு இசை வந்து விடும்!

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